PINO whithe Paper: When education meets crypto

Pino is here to achieve the #OnEstEnsemble in crypto through peer-to-peer supporting



Have you ever heard about scams and lies in the cryptosphere? Because that is what we come to fight! Pinocchu is a project built to fight Pinocchios in crypto since we have got many of them in the crypto world. Education within crypto communities is part of the solution to avoid bad experiences for newcomers and favor crypto adoption faster and better. That can be done easily and in an effective way if each of us participate to an ecosystem where education is key, and knowledge is the weapon. Through peer-to-peer supporting within crypto and blockchain communities, one can achieve something huge and favor a decentralized ecosystem where populations may find help and education to have better performances on crypto market, a better understanding of blockchain technologies, learn easily how to use blockchains, enhance quality projects and all this through peer-to-peer supporting which means knowledge and education "for community, by community".

Blockchain is a gift which can allow that.

1. Introduction

Blockchain works and there is no doubt about it, it has given birth to cryptocurrencies which are changing people's life and daily uses of digital tools. People need to be educated about that in a way no one can be discriminate, so everyone can have access to useful knowledge, reliable information, and genuine news. On this subject, Pinocchu World is an ecosystem matching crypto with education. What is needed is a self-powered system running on a technology which can allow decentralization than having a centralized entity limiting the growth and the sharing of knowledge between people. This system is based on rewards for sharing and helping others and not on greedy people eager to sell any useless training as one can see everywhere online today on social networks, YouTube and other networks. One can do it through peer-to-peer supporting in a decentralized way, where teachers get rewarded for helping others and others get rewarded for learning from teachers. We are all teachers and learners, so we are together, that is the "#OnEstEnsemble" thing.

2. PINO Token

The ecosystem was built to promote peer-to-peer supporting within the industry so newcomers could learn from elder players and avoid misadventures. This ecosystem based on a social experience is powered by the Pinocchu token known as PINO. PINO is a token built on Binance Smart chain (BSC) to ease payments and value transfers between users within Pinocchu World ecosystem. The low fees on BSC are an advantage for a token that was built for people and reward distribution. PINO token has only 100 000 supply which is meant to flow as knowledge between crypto users and blockchain fans as peer-to-peer.

Token utility

PINO is used to unlock services and resources on for people with thirst of knowledge about crypto and blockchain. In the other hand it is a proof of engagement and genuine resources for trainers eager to share their contents. If you hold PINO, this is proof of knowledge within community.

Liquidity by community (LBC)

LBC is one of PINO's secrets. Liquidity was first added to decentralized exchanges by PINO founders and early adopters from community. For the first time, community and founders worked all together to provide token first liquidity. RugPull is impossible since liquidity is added by many different entities and addresses all owned by different actors of the community.


PINO is used as a proof of knowledge and good faith within crypto community. The more PINO you have means the more genuine information you spread and the more PINO you have also means the more knowledge you want.




Total Supply

100 000



Community / Early adopters

30 000




10 000




15 000




15 000



Special sale

30 000



Token distribution pie

3. PINO Website this is where all is happening, where the ecosystem is taking birth. The website host free content and selected articles for people eager to learn easily about blockchain and crypto. The platform host on will be upgraded permanently every month to propose new contents, options, and services accessible only for PINO holders.

Content and course creators will be able to setup their own profile which will lead people to their work and the knowledge they want share. They will increase visibility to their work within newcomers just by holding PINO and use this service on the website. These content creators can ask a retribution for their job or an incentive in PINO if community like their job.

Web 3 is getting integrated to website so visitors will be able to connect their non-custodial wallet to perform transactions, get rewards, play games, and participate easily to the economy of knowledge thanks to PINO.

PINO Website is a tool for community to learn, play, earn and share.

4. PINO Community

PINO ARMY supporters of the "OnEstEnsemble" (WeAreTogether) movement. It is a community where everyone has something to teach and something to learn. PINO early adopters are mostly entrepreneurs and people with much knowledge seeking for opportunities and eager to learn about crypto. They are used to learn from peers and most of them are already EdTech (Education technology) users.

PINO ecosystem wants to help entrepreneurs in their real activities. For the ones who create in their jobs and projects, an NFT section is a solution to present their creation and make them worth at least their intrinsic value online. NFT realization will allow PINO holders and website users to buy and earn NFTs like custom shoe, painting or special pieces in real world.

We promote our holders activities through PINO economy, "we are all together" and all these tools built around PINO's ecosytem is for the PINO ARMY, because "On est ensemble".

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